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created image for the iHumanism blogThe idea for iHumanism came into existence in October 1999.

There are Humanists on-line who complain they have no local Humanist group to join or don’t know anyone in their area. There are also Humanists who are turned off, for whatever reason, by the large national Humanist organizations here in the United States. They don’t want to join a group because it appears that group has an agenda they don’t entirely agree with or the group has leadership that acts too much like a dictatorship. As happens in many large organizations, the focus of the group can be lost in group politics, conflicting agendas, and power grabbing. It isn’t a humanist way to operate a group.

iHumanism is an attempt create a virtual “group” that strips away the infighting and egos and focuses on the core principles of Modern Humanism. Corliss Lamont, in his book “Philosophy of Humanism” described these core principles with his “10 Points of Humanism“.

iHumanism gives those without a local group a chance to find other humanists in their area and a group that represents all Humanists without regard to national borders. We do have different ideas on how to accomplish our goals but we are united in the core Humanist philosophy and we should work to spread it around as far as possible.

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About the Editor

shot of editor Doug Berger
Our glorious Editor – Doug Berger

Doug Berger is a Secular Humanist living in Ohio. He has been a full time Humanist since 1994. He is a past president of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio and was an editor of their former newsletter – The Central Ohio Humanist – for several years.

Doug likes to write. He writes short fiction and screenplays. He has several blogs he contributes to including Secular Left, Doug’s Views, and Review Geek.

Because he does these blogs and noodles on the computer, he is very pale and lacks many friends. (Just kidding….)

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Most posts are open to comments from readers. While comments may be held for review, it is the policy of this blog to publish comments unedited except for length. As Humanism is the prime foundation of the blog, it allows for examination of all views including its own. It isn’t here to stroke anyone’s ego. Having said that the only comments that will not be allowed are those that threaten any person’s life, liberty, property or are posted just to be an asshole.

The editor reserves the right to publish or not publish submitted comments. You are a guest here and have no inherent right to be heard. Comments that are considered spam or inflammatory are less likely to be approved.

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Submission Policy

iHumanism is open for submissions from other Humanist writers. See the Submission page


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