*** iHumanism no longer accepts submissions ***

iHumanism is open for submissions from other Humanist writers. Just use our contact form to send in your articles or query.

Writer’s Guidelines

1. iHumanism is a blog about Humanism and the Humanist movement in the US and the world. Submissions need not specifically be about the Humanist philosophy but it should relate to either Humanist principles or the movement. If you aren’t sure if your topic is appropriate feel free to use the contact form and ask the editor. If you are not sure what Humanism is then check out some other posts on this blog.

2. All submissions must include a valid e-mail address. If the editor tries to contact you about your submission and the address is found not to be valid then the submission will be rejected. If you are concerned about being publicly known as a Humanist you may request your by-line use a pseudonym however iHumanism will not publish anonymous articles. You can expect reasonable anonymity if you need it but it isn’t a shield to grind any of your personal axes – should the article be published in the first place.

3. Length should be at minimum 500 words. Regular posts shoot for between 500 and 1000 words. iHumanism will consider longer piece – just ask.

4. If you want to include any images with your post please provide them when asked by the editor. All images must be your own creation, in the public domain, or obtained using an open source licence like Creative Commons.

5. The editor may edit the material for grammar and spelling and in limited cases for content. If such editing significantly changes the focus or meaning of the article, the editor will contact the author to approve the edits. Minor editing will not cause the author to be contacted. The author gives iHumanism the right to publish the material on the blog but retains all other rights including the copyright.

6. Although the author retains all rights to the submission the author will have no say on how the submission is presented on the pages of this blog. The editor is not in the habit of intentionally making authors look bad so he will consider reasonable requests for corrections after the submission is published. Any changes after publication are at the discretion of the iHumanism editor.

7. All published submissions are the views of the author and not necessarily the views of the editor or the iHumanism blog.

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