Dawn of a new era

I have been an official Humanist for more than 10 years. To clarify I am a proud Secular Humanist. Secular because I am an Atheist and have no need for any religious type of traditions like going to “church”, singing hymns, or believing that God Talk can be a poetic metaphor. I’m past all of that.

Since the founding in 1999, iHumanism has been a source for those lone wolf Humanists who either can’t find others locally to meet up with or who refuse to join any kind of group. For that reason articles that have been posted here tended to be neutral or positive toward Humanism. I have tried to avoid any kind of inter-group politics.

Today that is going to change.

I have decided to add to the fabric of iHumanism and post my thoughts and ideas on what we call Modern Humanism. I will include the “dirty laundry” of the movement. For example I will write and comment on the political correction gone amuck within the national movement, the efforts of religious Humanists to silence the atheist side of Humanism, the conflicts between the various national groups, attempts to redefine or rename Humanism in an effort to dilute our message, and even the lack of knowledge of Humanism even by so-called Humanists..

I am a proud Secular Humanist, but I get distressed with the office politics involved within the movement of Humanism. I think it is important to stop the infighting and to sell our message in a united effort. There is room for many flavors of Humanism and each bring good ideas to the table.

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