Not All Opinions Are Created Equal

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image of people arguingRead an interesting post on the American Atheist website. The topic was about people who say “I have the right to my own opinion” when their beliefs are challenged. The author, Justin Vacula, made some good points as to why such a statement is the wrong one to use is discussions.

Vacula writes:

Not all “opinions” are created equal. If you hold a belief, for instance, that evolution is false, you’ll be met by tremendous amounts of evidence showing that your belief is unfounded if an evolutionary biologist (or another educated individual who is willing to discuss) happens to be sitting at your dinner table when you profess a belief in creationism. If, after some debate and tackling the fundamental falsehoods of creationism, a creationist happens to say “I have a right to my own opinion,” this says nothing about the truth-value of creationism and perhaps admits that the creationist is not concerned with truth. A proposition about reality is either backed by evidence, reason, and argument and it should be believed… or it is not.

Right To Opinion: The Dishonest And Indefensible Response To Disagreement

Just for fun here is a Monty Python sketch about arguments:

Monty Python – Argument Clinic

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