We Humanists, Young and Old, Need Each Other

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How I imagine older Humanists passing on their knowledge to younger Humanists

I wrote an essay on my personal blog Doug’s Views about the relationship and sometime conflict between young people in the secular movement and those of us who are older and have been down the road awhile. I explore that relationship and connect it to a change in the energy I have for Humanist activism. My conclusion is we seculars, young or old, need each other to make the movement a success.

It has been almost 20 years since I officially chucked religion once and for all and identified as an Atheist and Humanist. Getting rid of the irrational belief system called religion was the most liberating thing that had happened to me in my life to that point and I wanted everyone to know it. I became an evangelist for rational thought and if you didn’t agree with me you were a moron. Now 20 years and many battles later I don’t feel the fire in my belly as much. I’m still a non-believer but I am more selective about what gets me cranked up about believers like the occasional violations of the 1st amendment. Is it my age? Have I gained some kind of wisdom as I got older that mellowed me out. Maybe it is some kind of secular menopause.

Seculars, Young And Old, Need To Work Together

Check it out if you get the chance.

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