In West Virginia, Atheists Need Not Apply

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created image of a sing with text Atheists Need Not ApplyA fast food business in West Virginia sent out letters to area churches saying the company was “in need of Christian employees.” The recruitment letter violates state and federal discrimination law.

Secular Left has the details:

The letter may have violated state and federal law prohibiting printing “any notice or advertisement relating to employment or membership indicating any preference, limitation, specifications or discrimination based upon race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, disability or age.” The only exemption for the law is if the work is religious in nature – like a church doing the hiring for the church’s work.

It also doesn’t look like Mr. Ball was doing an innocent outreach to some Christians to recruit new workers. He actually believes that people who believe in his “god” are more honest than those who don’t.

Ball’s attempt at discrimination isn’t any different than past attempts where help wanted signs said “Irish Need Not Apply” or when businesses had signs saying it was “Whites Only”.

Yes, Attempt To Recruit Christian Workers Violates State And Federal Law

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