Science League of America Returns

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part of the logo for the Science League of AmericaThe National Center for Science Education (NCSE) has started a blog on their website titled Science League of America: Defending the Teaching of Evolution & Climate Science. The blog will see updated content about the work of NCSE and its friends in promoting science education. The name of the blog is a callback to the work Maynard Shipley who also started a Science League of America back in 1924, a year before the Scopes Monkey Trial. Shipley’s group had the same mission of NCSE – defending science education.

We can think of no better way to honor Shipley’s pioneering work than to resurrect his group’s name (and artist Paula Spence’s brilliant illustrations of the League at work). This blog’s writers—NCSE staff and our friends and allies from the field—carry forward the dream of honest and thorough science education which motivated the founders of the Science League in the ’20s and NCSE’s founders in the ’80s. We look forward to conversations with our readers and commenters about science, education, and attacks on science education around the world.

Welcome to the Science League of America

Another recent post talked about an employee of the Cincinnati Museum Center being reprimanded for publicly making fun of Answers in Genesis’s Creation “Museum”:

Remember, museums aren’t just collections of items heaped up willy-nilly. (If they were, then my garage would be a museum.) Rather, museums are sites for research and education. As such, they and their staff have professional responsibilities to present the best scholarly understanding of their materials in a way accessible to their audience.

When it comes to evolution, there’s no question within the scientific community. Evolution is a central, vital, and unifying principle of the life sciences, for which there is overwhelming evidence. Countless scientific and educational societies have agreed on this simple point—which Answers in Genesis of course rejects.

Museums that deal with the history of the planet and the career of life on it, therefore, have a professional responsibility to acknowledge evolution in their scientific research and to highlight evolution and the scientific consensus on the evidence in their education of the public.

Museums and “Museums” in the Ohio Valley

As the introductory post points out the blog discussion is “open to all, regardless of religion and politics”. That doesn’t means all views are equal just that they don’t limit the discussion to only a certain segment.

This will be a good opportunity for the NCSE to include more voices in the defence of science education.

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