Grand Canyon Actually Disproves Noah’s Flood Story

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image of Grand Canyon fossil river that disproves Noah FloodSteven Newton over at the National Center for Science Education’s (NCSE) ‘Science League of America’ blog is doing a series of posts that refute some of the common arguments creationists use about the Grand Canyon to prove their silly ideas. In the post answering the claim that the rocks in the Grand Canyon were put there by Noah’s Flood, Newton takes down the claim in a convincing manner. He shows the large stretch creationists have to make to push their idea that the rocks were left by the ‘great’ flood.

Talking about the Temple Butte Formation:

What’s going on here is that the Muav Limestone was deposited in relatively deep water along the coastline of what would become North America. Then over a hundred million years later, the region was uplifted. When rocks are lifted out of the water, they tend to erode rather than deposit; this erosion planed off the top of the Muav (and maybe removed other units as well). Then sinuous rivers cut into the flat top of the Muav, twisting and turning as they undulated toward the sea. We see the remnants of these rivers in the Temple Butte Formation, which is exposed in dramatic half-moon incisions into the Muav. These incisions occur in different orientations as you find them on opposite sides; you’re looking at the cross-section of a twisting fossil river changing its course, much as the Mississippi River does today.

It’s pretty hard to imagine how such river channels could form if they were thousands of feet under water.

Top 5 Creationist Claims About Grand Canyon: #4 Grand Canyon Rocks Were Made By Noah’s Flood (Part II)

Great information. You should check out the blog on a regular basis.

Some people think we shouldn’t even be entertaining the silly ideas of creationists. The problem is if we didn’t respond like Newton has then the creationists would claim they were right because no one said otherwise.

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