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clipart of Happy Humanists having a partyYou probably noticed that this blog hasn’t been updated for more than year and for that I am sorry. But things are about to change around here.

One reason I stopped writing on this blog is because I’ve written about Humanism for so many years here and other venues I basically couldn’t think of how to do it without boring myself.

The Secular Student Alliance recently had their convention in Columbus Ohio and while reading the introduction for their new Executive Director it gave me a fresh idea to use in my writings.

Under Kevin’s leadership, the expression of secular values, and not just the representation of secular identity, will be the SSA’s primary focus. It is these values that guide the SSA’s work and commitment to fighting for equity and justice. Since its founding, the SSA has witnessed a steady swell in the number of college students with no religious affiliation—a number that has tripled in the last 30 years, from 10 percent in 1986 to 31 percent just last year. We have also witnessed those values motivating students to align with intersectional movements and effect positive change on their campuses, in their communities—and in our country as a whole.

Secular Student Alliance Names New Executive Director

Basically I’m going to try and have my posts be an expression of secular humanist values. Being a Humanist doesn’t just mean not believing in the supernatural, but it also means holding certain values.

You could label yourself a Humanist, yet be an awful racist bigot who thinks women should make less than men. If that was the case then you aren’t really a Humanist since a Humanist value is equality for all people.

Hopefully my posts here will help those who don’t quite know what it means to hold Humanist values or who might be confused.

There won’t be a large number of posts but more will coming soon.

Here is to the future.

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