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Check Out Our New Resources & Groups Page

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created image for the iHumanism blogWhile doing some housekeeping on the blog, I elected to remove the blogroll previously found in the sidebar of each page and put those links on a new separate page you can get to through the menu bar just below the masthead image. This page includes all the links that had been on the blogroll and I checked them to make sure they were still correct, active, and if I would still recommend them.
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Refresh of iHumanism theme and other bits

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I had been wanting to update the theme I use for iHumanism ever since WordPress was updated to version 3. My previous theme was almost 3 years old and I wanted to be able to take advantage of some of the new features of the software. Today I debut a working draft of my new iHumanism theme.

But Doug it doesn’t look different than before?

That’s right. While I was building it, I tried different looks but came back to the format of the current blog. The difference is I modified the basic Toolbox theme created by the people at Automattic and worked hard on the CSS styling.

What you, the reader gets, is a blog that will be able to take advantage of the newer features of WordPress – like for example the menu bar with links to the About page etc… In the previous theme I had to code it by hand.

Some new things included is the central “Follow iHumanism” in the sidebar with links to the RSS feed, Facebook fan page, and a Twitter Follow button.

On the individual post pages a new floating share box, like seen on sites like Mashable, will have a fixed location to share the post to Facebook, Twitter, and the new Google +1 for example.

I also moved the previous Secular Humanist News links to the sidebar and renamed them iHumanism News Links. Didn’t care to see “Secular Humanist News links” one after the other in the previous posts list.

As I said above this is a working draft so more tweaks will come as some information will be removed or changed and if people let me know if something is broken.

Feel free to give me feedback either in the comments of this post or use the contact page.

An Update and other changes

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Been a long time since my last post. I’m still a Secular Humanist and very concerned about the efforts of the religious right to impose their beliefs on all of us.

What prompted this post is to let you know about a change in the web host of this blog and and something new I found on the internet humanists might be interested in – well not real new but newish.

Change of Hosts the long time host of announced it was getting out of the web hosting business. Over 200 groups like iHumanism would need to find a new host by 12/31/2008.

It is sad that Humanists are losing a good service. As I wrote in my response e-mail:

The internet is a great leveling of the playing field against all the non-humanist clap trap we have and I can’t understand why Humanist groups can’t be more willing to provide services like all the other theistic centered groups out there.

Update of WordPress

WordPress – the software I use to present this blog had a major update since my last post so for awhile the basic theme that comes with it will be shown. I plan on making tweaks and other improvements as I go along.

Continued posting

I plan on writing more posts more often than previously. I took some time off from being vocal about my Humanism but with an election coming up I have renewed my interest in speaking out.

Humanist Podcast

Institute for Humanist Studies and American Humanist Association have teamed up to produce and sponsor a podcast for Humanists. It is a monthly production and includes news and interviews.

Recent podcasts have included interviews with Richard Dawkins and

Humanist Network News Audio Podcast