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Would You Risk Your Life For Your Principles?

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As a Humanist, in a generally liberal western nation, the most I ever have to worry about is being called names, smeared as un-patriotic, or being blamed for the ‘ills of the nation’ like abortion and same-sex marriage. It usually is a war of words or debates in comment sections of websites or newspapers. What if the abuse got physical. Would I risk my life for my principles? Would you?

50 years ago, several hundred protesters wanting voting rights for African-Americans and an end to racial discrimination, were attacked in Selma, Alabama by state and local police.

photo of Selma protesters being beaten by police
Protesters attacked during the Selma to Montgomery march for civil rights March 1965

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American Freethought Blogger Murdered in Bangladesh

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picture of Dr. Avijit Roy
Dr. Avijit Roy, murdered freethought blogger

Dr. Avijit Roy, a Bangladeshi-born U.S. citizen from the Atlanta area, was murdered Friday while on a visit to his home country. The murderers justified their actions through their Islamic religion. It’s unfathomable to think, here in the US, that someone could be murdered for their religious dissent but it happens too much in places like Bangladesh. The best way to deal with people who want to murder others because they don’t have the same beliefs is more speech and more dissent.
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