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Refresh of iHumanism theme and other bits

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I had been wanting to update the theme I use for iHumanism ever since WordPress was updated to version 3. My previous theme was almost 3 years old and I wanted to be able to take advantage of some of the new features of the software. Today I debut a working draft of my new iHumanism theme.

But Doug it doesn’t look different than before?

That’s right. While I was building it, I tried different looks but came back to the format of the current blog. The difference is I modified the basic Toolbox theme created by the people at Automattic and worked hard on the CSS styling.

What you, the reader gets, is a blog that will be able to take advantage of the newer features of WordPress – like for example the menu bar with links to the About page etc… In the previous theme I had to code it by hand.

Some new things included is the central “Follow iHumanism” in the sidebar with links to the RSS feed, Facebook fan page, and a Twitter Follow button.

On the individual post pages a new floating share box, like seen on sites like Mashable, will have a fixed location to share the post to Facebook, Twitter, and the new Google +1 for example.

I also moved the previous Secular Humanist News links to the sidebar and renamed them iHumanism News Links. Didn’t care to see “Secular Humanist News links” one after the other in the previous posts list.

As I said above this is a working draft so more tweaks will come as some information will be removed or changed and if people let me know if something is broken.

Feel free to give me feedback either in the comments of this post or use the contact page.